From the very beginning, Teezoka founders had set a clear purpose for the website. That’s to help users and customers have better clothes design to upgrade their fashion style. Why? We came up with this idea because of the critical rule of fashion in our life nowadays. Since the fashion industry is growing faster and faster and people seems to take fashion to express themselves, guys with excellent fashion gout will become more confident and make their life easier. Teezoka wishes with our helpful fashion designs and tips, everyone can have a better look, better life.


Harry C. Davis – CEO

Graduated from Yale University, Harry had work for Unilever 5 years in Finance. But he is passionate on fashion and business too. In 2016, understanding the demand of young people, want to help them upgrade their style he decided to start building Teezoka Company.Talking to lots of fashionista and shopaholics, Harry knows the insight as well as their concern, so all he did is to solve customer problem. For example, customers often have difficulty when the design gallery web has many beautiful designs but there’s no payment tool, while the e-commerce website of course has payment tool but limited in terms of design. So, with the experience of 5 years of finance, Harry has developed a design gallery website including payment tools, it’s Teezoka.


Clarice J. Elam – Creative Director

Graduated from Yale too, with the experience of 4 years in fashion editorial, used to work for the famous fashion magazine – Barcode, Clarice easily catches up with fashion trends. Her lifestyle is also flexible, she can be minimalist and bohemian as well as rock chic. As a beauty lover and fashion enthusiast, she has provided a ton of information and useful fashion tips. In addition, she proved to understand the insight of young people and develop ideas matching with young people. Being a person who is very creative but also practical, Clarice’s idea is unique but still feasible and catch the trend, not too bizarre.



Harold J. Sullins – Art Director

The common of our company employees is their passion for fashion, Harold is no exception. Well-trained in fashion design in School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and has worked for big agencies such as Edelman, JWT… Harold can master all design software like Photoshop, AI… and has a good sense of art. Harold fashion concepts are trendy and friendly but still have a distinctive personality. He is also an art lover, enjoys watching movies, listening to music and playing sports, which makes her design become very naturally and very lively. He spends most of his time on Teezoka to satisfy his design enthusiasts and help people, Harold is the one who gives advice when customers wanted to design their own designs.



Emma J. Lin – Account Director

To bring the best shopping experience for customer as well as keeping a good connection between the company and customer, we have Emma – Account Director. She is the one who listens to customers concern, solve their problems, connect them with Teezoka team. Emma is also in charge of managing production timeline and evaluate the quality of product. Being trained in business administrator in Yale University and has 6 year experience, Emma has been operating our company very well since its establishment until now, receiving much support and praise from customers.



In addition to the above, Teezoka team also has many young people who support and work together to create quality products for consumers.


Teezoka is oriented to become a reputable and prestigious online Designing and Clothing Store.

We understand that one of the big concerns of shopaholics is that they cannot find a reputable website to buy clothes. The situation becomes worse when the online market has been growing bigger than ever and unfortunately, lots of unqualified store appears. Among huge clothes suppliers in the world, Teezoka stands out together with Teespring, Teezily to be one of the most trustworthy online shop having quality beyond expectation. Just choose the products you want, we will bring the clothes to your home as fast as we can.

By visiting our website, customers can find not only amazing designs but also fashion tips. To help our customers better, on such special days like Christmas, New Year Eve, Summer Vacation, Back to School Season, Thanks Giving Day… our company provides users with coupon up to 30% discount or free shipping service, which allows customer buy clothes at a bargain.

Updating customers with the latest fashion trends is our passion.

Teezoka help to keep up customers with the latest trend. Surfing our website just 5 minutes per day, customers don’t need to worry if they’re out of the trend. Whatever style you love, Teezoka will update you about: the latest designs, the hottest quotes, the hottest items, who are wearing it… Moreover, as we know each person is a hidden fashionista, we encourage users to set the trend by supporting them having their own and unique design.

We help our customers visualizing their ideas and characteristics into unique and creative products.

For those who want to express their own ego, we support to visualize their ideas into uniquely impressive and beautiful products. Just say what you want for your own design, our artists will finalize the layout in just 2-3 working days. Besides, Teezoka Online Store is always available with unique and trendy products with diversified styles and colors, you can select and have your own design immediately.

Providing customers with fashion tips to have better look, better life.

Finally, our company understands that fashion is a combination of many items to create a beautiful outfit. Therefore, Teezoka offers users the tips as well as the guideline to have a perfect fashion combination. How to mix and match, how to make your outfit more gorgeous…, our staff will help you, simple things but work!


In order to fulfill the goal of helping our customers upgrade their fashion style, we are currently operating mainly on markets with great demand in this field, especially in Europe and America. Our customers are people aged 17-35 years old, active, young and always eager to catch up with new trends. Whether you love playing sports, watching movies, loving beauty or reading, playing musical instruments … we have all products that fit your taste and style. To serve the young people in Europe and America, we have built a website that has characteristics and theme that are relevant to these markets.

Our products, designs are always inspired from the latest fashion trend in America and Europe. They are varying from movies, famous quote, burning socials concern or everything that the young are interested in. Moreover, according to the current weather in America and Europe, we’ll choose the suitable form for each season: T-shirt, Tank top… for the summer and Hoodie, Sweater, Legging … for the winter.

About payment, for the convenience of users in Europe and America, we accept popular payment services such as Master Card, Visa Card, PayPal.

Teezoka Head Office is located in HCM City, Vietnam. However, to be more convenient, we have our Production Center and Warehouse in Westminster, California, US. About shipping, to serve our customers fastest, we’ve set up a wide shipping system in Europe and America, which allows to bring the product to customers in just 2-3 working days at a reasonable cost. If you’re not living in America or Europe, don’t worry because Teezoka shipping system also spreads all over the world.


Head Office: 8750 Westminster Blvd. Westminster, CA